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Funniest New Gifs, January 2017
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Top 10 Gif's of the Week

Enjoy 10 of the funniest, craziest, most interesting Gif's of the past week. Don't forget to share friends.

 1   I can feel his pain! Friendzone fail.


Devil is in the details.

 2   When I hear the food is ready


Nothing gets me as excited as a fresh meal.

 3   Who want's to play fetch?


This kitty thinks it is a dog, Nevermind, we can still play.

 4   Nice prank, but the camera man sucks.


Nice beach prank. Don't steal a top in the water and run to the beach if you are not sure your bottom is on.

 5   Fast, get in.


Crazy motorcycle stunt.

 6   She is Brave!


Girl swallowing a long orange balloon like a pro.

 7   Surprise MotherF**ker


Bull surprises a guy by power-opening a door and slapping the s**t out of him.

 8   Player three has entered the Game


Fist fight next to a SUV enterrupted by a landing ninja man.

 9   Prank Gone wrong


Student holding a pen up on a chair to prank his classmate. Her short skirt doesn't help.

 10   I am so cool, so extreme... oh sh***t, wait wait...


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17 January 2016