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31 Funny Thanksgiving Pictures, Cartoons and memes
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31 Funny Pictures to Get You in the Mood for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving makes us think of family, turkey, and food. These 13 Hilarious Thanksgiving Pictures will help you remember what makes the holiday memorable...and funny.

 1   When you sense that something will go wrong...

 2   It is a bad omen to be unfriended by the farmer...


 3   Sometimes turkeys are slow thinkers...


 4   Sesame Street Will Never Be The Same Again

 5   Be Inventive or Die Trying


 6   When the Pop-up Timer is Out, Dinner isr Ready!


 7   Getting Ready for Thanksgiving


 8   This year the turkey is fighting back

 9   What's not to like


 10   Keep Dreaming, My Delicious Friend

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24 November 2015